Maintenance calls are as important to us as they are to you. For the best service, please contact us early in the day. That will allow your service call to be scheduled as quickly as possible. We will need at least a four-hour window. Please be sure to kennel any pets that might be alarmed by strangers coming in. If we come for a scheduled service call and can’t enter because of the pet, you will be billed a $20 trip fee.

BizCore Pros

A new part of our Lange team is a multi-faceted service company called BizCore Pros. Maintenance is one of the many services they provide. That'll be who shows up for your repairs. Don't worry, they'll have a business card stating who they are–just more friendly faces of Lange.

You can now call to report maintenance issues any time, any day, including holidays. Either submit a request using the login below or call us at our new number:

(316) 226-8446