In order to streamline the payment process and provide more timely processing of rental payments, the following payment options are available for your convenience.


eCheck – 100% Free – PREFERRED
Credit or Debit Card – Additional 2.9% Convenience Fee
eMoney Order – Additional $4 Convenience Fee
To make online payments you'll need a Lange account – allowing you access to an online portal where you can:
  • Pay bills anytime from anywhere, using a computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Set up automatic payments and review payment history
  • Receive reminder emails and/or texts
  • Request maintenance & review maintenance status

Online Portal Overview

Online Portal Frequently Asked Questions

eCheck payments are free to you, but there is a non-refundable online portal convenience fee for a Credit or Debit card payment. This is in place to comply with current card network regulations. You are notified of the fee amount when you select the Credit or Debit card payment option, and are given the option to switch to eCheck. The online portal convenience fee is a fixed, flat amount based approximately on your monthly rent amount. The fee amount will stay the same for the entirety of your occupancy, no matter the amount of your payment.
Please contact us. There may be an issue with your account.
No. We cannot see any of the payment information you have saved or have previously entered.
Credit or debit card payments can be made from a Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Diners Club or Discover branded card from any country. American Express, gift cards, or prepaid cards are not accepted.
You can use a personal or business checking or savings account. Make sure to enter the routing and account number exactly as they appear on your checks and confirm the account has sufficient funds before paying.
For fraud protection purposes, the maximum amount allowed for a single eCheck payment is whichever sum is greater: 3x the amount of your monthly recurring charges, 3x the amount of charges due now or set to post in the next 15 days, or $5,000. This is the maximum for a single transaction, so you can make multiple payments if necessary. Please note, if your move-in charges are dated in the future, you will only be able to pay up to $5,000 in a single payment until those charges are due.
Tenants can pay 2x their monthly rent charge or $3,000 in a single credit/debit card payment, whichever sum is greater. If 2x their monthly rent charge exceeds $10,000, they cannot pay more than $10,000 in a single payment. Please note, if your monthly charge amount increases or if you start paying for a new unit in the same Online Portal, the max allowed for a credit or debit card payment will not change. This only applies to payments made via credit or debit card, so you can switch to eCheck to pay a larger amount in one payment. If you would like to increase the max amount allowed to match your current monthly charge amount, please ask your property manager to contact AppFolio about the issue, but please know that your convenience fee will also increase.
eCheck payments appear as "Lange Property Management". Credit or debit card payments plus the online portal convenience fee appear as “AF* Lange Property Management.”
Please contact your property manager and they can provide you with a receipt. You can also see record of your payments on the Account Ledger in your Online Portal.
You can change the language to Spanish. Click the Account Profile tab on the left, then in the Choose Your Language section use the menu to select Spanish, then click Save.
We take privacy and security seriously and invest in state of the art systems to protect payment information. All sensitive data is encrypted and our redundant infrastructure ensures the highest levels of service availability. It is bank-grade security.
In the Payments tab, click the View Account Ledger button to see your entire payment history.
Contact your property manager to learn about your payment options. In most locations, you are able to pay your rent in cash at a local Ace Cash Express. Your property manager can provide you with a unique and reusable payslip with a barcode to use when making cash payments. The cost to make an electronic cash payments is $4 for up to $1,500.00 in cash.
You must call your bank and issue a stop payment. Neither AppFolio or your property manager has authority to gain access to your Online Portal or bank account to stop the payment on your behalf.
Your auto payment details are displayed on the Home or Payments tabs in the Scheduled Payments section. Click Edit to change the payment name, payment amount or account information. To change the date the payment is processed each month, click Delete, then return to the Home or Payments tabs to create a new auto payment.
Yes. Click the Account Profile tab, then in the Saved Payment Methods section click the Delete button. If the Delete button is grey (not red), this payment method is currently used for an auto payment and you must first delete the auto payment.


Check or Money Order – Additional $5 Convenience Fee
Include the property's address on the check or money order, add an additional $5 to the total, make payable and mail to:

PineCreek Apartments
Lock Box 1121
Newton, KS 67114

LockBox 1121
Newton, KS 67114

JBL, Inc.
Lock Box 30
Newton, KS 67114

4340 S West Street
Wichita, KS 67217

4340 S West Street
Wichita, KS 67217

Southborough Partners
Lock Box 1193
Newton, KS 67114

Lockbox 1154
Newton, KS 67114

Payments are not accepted in person and cannot be made in cash.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is an important yet often overlooked type of insurance made specifically to cover your personal belongings, and automatically includes $100,000 of liability to landlord protection.

As your property management company, we are not responsible for your personal belongings. Renters insurance offers protection and replacement* of your valuables in the event that they are damaged or stolen. It’s highly recommended that you consider this type of insurance and have a policy in place well before it’s needed. For your convenience renters insurance is available through your online portal.

*Replacement cost coverage is subject to terms and conditions.

Rent smart and gain peace of mind knowing that your personal property is protected.
Renters insurance covers a range of perils. 
Below are some of the most common ones.

The cost of insurance depends on the amount of coverage you desire for your personal belongings.

Easy Sign Up

Log in to your Online Portal to purchase a ROOST Renters Insurance policy offered by Mesa Insurance Solutions, Inc., or call (844) 788-0877 for more information.